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Below you will find a compendium of every summit 3AF has ever hosted (beginning in 2017).

These summits represent a treasure trove of exclusive insight, highlight cultural nuances influencing advertising approaches, and provide analysis of case studies regarding advertising campaigns targeting the Asian American demographic.

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3AF 2023 Asian Marketing Summit

2023 summit page with event photos and agenda

Summit Highlights:

  • Data-Driven Business Insights Using Census Bureau Data
  • Asian Identity, Brand Relationship and Media Consumption in the Post Covid World
  • Asian American Media: A Source of Community Empowerment and Advocacy
  • Celebrating Day One – Toyota, Intertrend and Journeys Towards the Asian American Dream
  • The Asian Influencer and Creator

3AF 2022 Asian Marketing Virtual Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • Asian Marketing 101
  • Leveraging Amazon Ad Ecosystem/Asians at Amazon
  • Why Authenticity Matters – Toyota’s Approach to Asian Consumers
  • Asian American Deep Dive
  • Asian Americans’ Mindset and Outlook in the Post Pandemic New Normal

2021 3AF Fall Asian Marketing Virtual Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • Asian Marketing in the Recovery and Beyond – Implications from the 2020 Census
  • The Future of Video Advertising for Asian Americans
  • Understanding the Model Minority Myth
  • AAPI Marketing Leadership: An Industry ERG

2021 3AF May Virtual Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • Using Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights to Accelerate Change
  • Asians and the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Four Asian Voices on Influencer Marketing
  • Connected TV – Opportunities, Strengths, and Challenges
  • Quantum Marketing – Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers
  • McDonald’s Bold Stand In Support of Asian Americans

3AF 2020 Asian Marketing Virtual Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • Leveraging Asian American Cultural Insights Through Programmatic Advertising
  • Power of The South Asian Consumer Segment & Insights on Reaching Them
  • East Meets West: Unpacking the Asian American Bicultural Experience
  • Being Included, Being Heard – The New Asian American Consumer Presentation by Nielsen
  • Asian American Voters 50-plus Part of Margin of Victory
  • Role of Brands Amid the Pandemic and Asian American Opportunities in the Revival

3AF 2019 Asian Marketing Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • 3AF Founders: Honoring Our Past; Celebrating the Present; Empowering the Future
  • Optimizing Your Media Mix for Asian American Marketing— Results from the 3AF’s Second Media Consumption Study
  • The Asian American Consumer Journey – Informed Influencers & Powerful Purchasers
  • Reinventing the Game: Taking Asian American Marketing to the Next Level
  • How to effectively reach young Asian Americans — Millennials and Gen Zs — in a world of ethnic diversity but with lack of sustained representation

3AF 2018 Asian Marketing Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • Established And Emerging Asian Americans
  • Power Positioning The Asian American Consumer Story
  • The Power And Influence Of Global Asian Youth And How To Reach Them – Lessons And Wisdom From Nextshark.Com
  • Asian American Media: What Are Clients Looking For From Media?
  • How Asian Americans Use Google And What Marketers Need To Know

3AF 2017 Asian Marketing Summit

Summit Highlights:

  • (Boot Camp) The U.S. Asian Market: Driving A New Consumer Paradigm
  • (Boot Camp) How To Focus On The Good (And Not The Bad Or The Ugly) When It Comes To Asian Marketing
  • Developing A Business Case For Diversity And Inclusion
  • Intercultural Influence and the Asian American Opportunity
  • Asian Advertising From An International Perspective– How Globalization And Innovation Is Affecting Asian Advertising In The U.S. And Abroad
  • Reaching The Fastest Growing Consumer In A Digital World– Insights From The 3af’s Media Consumption Study

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