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Leveraging Asian American Cultural Insights Through Programmatic Advertising

The session “Leveraging Asian American Cultural Insights Through Programmatic Advertising” will talk about how Programmatic Advertising can be best used for the Asian American multicultural segment. It will discuss the nuances and effectiveness of different ways of reaching Asian American audiences through Programmatic ads. Finally, there will be a discussion about whether the Asian Indian community in the US needs a different approach.

Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF

Senthil Govindan, President, Datawrkz

Deciphering the 2020 Asian American Electorate

This session will highlight new findings about the 2020 Asian American voter base, from party preference and key platform issues. Explore the trends as discovered through the lenses from the Asian American Voter Survey, AAPI Voters & the 2020 Elections in selected battleground states, and from “Mighty Voices: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women Voters in 2020.”

Christine Chen, Executive Director, APIAVote

Jennifer Wang, Deputy Director of Programs, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF)

Carrie Pugh, Senior Director of Campaigns, NEA

Jay Kim, President, 3AF and AAAZA

Power of The South Asian Consumer Segment & Insights on Reaching Them

The South Asian consumer segment, estimated to be 5.8 million in the United States, is a critical group in the Asian community. They are the fastest growing segment in the United States (up 81 percent since 2010), affluent, with an income twice as much of the general population, and high attainment of post graduate degrees to name just a few compelling facts. In this session, executives from Homelight, New York Life Insurance Company, Mikado and Zee Network discuss the importance of reaching out to the South Asian consumer during COVID 19 and beyond.

Sumant Sridharan, Chief Operating Officer, Homelight

Vikas Arora, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder, Mikado

Srinivas Ranga, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company

Indrajit Majumdar, Executive Vice President, Zee Network

Where Social & Technology Meet

During these difficult times with people in lockdowns and quarantines, the use of Mobile technology has drastically increased. Hear from experts as they discuss this rise & how people & companies are using it to engage with an ever growing audience base.

Mike Su, Director, Yellow – Snap Inc., Snapchat

Patrick Lee, Co-Founder/Founding CEO, Rotten Tomatoes

Dan Matthews, Managing Partner, International Secret Agents (ISA)

East Meets West: Unpacking the Asian American Bicultural Experience

Asian Americans have an innate ability to navigate two separate but interconnected worlds. Their experiences in the US are marked by both an Asian and American identity. Join us as we share key insights from Pandora’s most recent Asian American study conducted in partnership with Intertrend Communications. We will follow our short presentation with a panel of experts that will dive into the influential role that audio, music, and entertainment play and the impact of advertising as east meets west.

Claudia Oddo, Audience Marketing, Pandora

Rianjali (RIA) Artist, Artist + Co-Host of Podcast Mild Mannered & Timid

Cheryl Lee, Executive Director, Intertrend Communications, Inc.

Jay Kim, President, 3AF and AAAZA

Creating Innovative Storytelling During COVID

Covid-19 has created new challenges for the entertainment industry, with both television productions and feature films having to adjust significantly. But with these new challenges, also come new opportunities to reach large audiences eager and primed for new ways to engage with their content from home.

Additionally, diverse storytelling on new platforms has skyrocketed as content creators innovate and elevate the series formula to a rich and active experience.

Join celebrity influencer and producer Meghan Camerana (The Amazing Race, Power Rangers) and Asian American actors Christopher Sean (Gotham Knights, Hawaii 5-0, Star Wars: Resistance) and Mike Bow (The Maze Runner, Asian Bachelor) as they discuss how their upcoming Twitch series The Unleashed, featuring hybrid storytelling, diverse leads and deep audience engagement, changes up the traditional storytelling formula in a way that is tailor-made for the pandemic audience.

Meghan Camarena, Founder, Producer, Celebrity Influencer, Creator, Strawburry17

Christopher Sean, Actor, Gotham Knights, Hawaii 5-0, Star Wars Resistance

Mike Bow, Actor and YouTuber, Asian Bachelorette, The Maze Runner

Jay Kim, President, 3AF and AAAZA

Role of Brands Amid the Pandemic and Asian American Opportunities in the Revival

How have Asian Americans’ shopping behaviors changed during the pandemic? How do they feel about the emotional and economic impacts from Covid-19? How can marketers connect with Asian American consumers during this challenging time? Looking forward, given the lifestyle changes due to the pandemic and renewed interest in diversity due to the Black Lives Matter movement, what opportunities exist in the Asian American segment? Panelists from multicultural agencies Admerasia, intertrend, and IW Group will share insights from the consumer research they conducted during the pandemic and implications for Asian American marketing in the revival.


Selina Guo, Director of Strategic Planning at ADMERASIA

Bertha Lee, Associate Director, Analytics and Strategy, IW Group, Inc.

Anna Xie, Director of Strategic Planning, intertrend

Moderator: Iris Yim, Principal, Sparkle Insights, 3AF Vice President/Chair of Research /Committee

The Entertainment Pivot

From drive-in movies to virtual conventions – a conversation about how the entertainment industry is changing during Covid-19. What are the current and future ramifications of the state of the industry.

Mary Franklin, Head of Events, Crunchyroll

Michelle Sugihara, Executive Director, Coalition of Asian Pacifcs in Entertainment

Bing Chen, Co-Founder, Gold House

Dan Matthews, Managing Partner, International Secret Agents (ISA)

A Behind the Scenes Look: The AdCouncil’s “Fight the Virus, Fight The Bias” Campaign

In late July, the 3AF was proud to collaborate with the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF) on a town hall where the first campaign by The Ad Council focusing on Asian Americans debuted. The PSA, “Fight the Virus, Fight the Bias” was created to fight the growing surge of racism against Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The attention-grabbing spot, written and directed by Alan Yang (Tigertail, Master of None), showcases Asians from all walks of life who speak candidly about the hate and racism impacting the APIA community.

In this session, executives from The Ad Council and AEF will discuss the making of the campaign, how they collaborated with the 3AF and Asian and mainstream media to distribute the spot, and the campaign’s impact and results to date.

Elliot Lum, Head of Growth, ANA Education Foundation (AEF)

Heidi Arthur, Chief Campaign Development Officer, Ad Council

Jay Kim, President, 3AF and AAAZA

Asian American Voters 50-plus Part of Margin of Victory

Asian American voters are often referred to as the margin of victory in a growing number of areas. Asian American voters 50-plus are part of that margin of victory. So why is it important that candidates, political parties, policymakers, the media, and the community focus on Asian American voters 50-plus? Because they are a powerhouse voting block! Did you know that voter turnout among foreign born Asian Americans is higher than US born Asian Americas because of older voters? Have you wondered what are the issues of top concern to our older Asian American voters? Can you guess if there are more Asian American older voters who are Democrats, Republicans, Independents? AARP will share results from a national survey of older voters during COVID and data from a pre-election survey recently released by AAPI Data to discuss the mindset and priorities of Asian American 50-plus voters.

Daphne Kwok, Vice President, Multicultural Leadership, AARP

Angela Houghton, Senior Research Advisor, AARP

Jay Kim, President, 3AF and AAAZA

How Lexus Effectively Pivoted Brand Messaging During the Pandemic

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustice and economic volatility on consumer sentiment and behavior, Lexus worked across teams to adapt their marketing strategy. Alex Chau, Lexus Advertising Manager, will showcase how the luxury automotive brand was able to quickly and effectively pivot messaging during this challenging time by leveraging their existing human-centered philosophy and adapting a collaborative total market approach to connect with their consumers.

Alexandra Chau, Advertising Manager, Toyota Motor North America, Lexus Division

Investing In Communities to Drive Positive Change

2020 has been a challenging year especially for multicultural communities, which have experienced a disproportionate level of economic and cultural impact due to the on-going pandemic and racial inequalities. While they face these challenges, these communities are at the frontline of battling the pandemic and keeping the country running, they are also looking for a partner who will stand with them and help rebuild their financial lives. Della Ng, Vice President, Head of Cultural Marketing at U.S. Bank shares details on the company’s latest marketing efforts to actively assist and communicate with these diverse communities.

Della Ng, Vice President, Head of Cultural Marketing, U.S. Bank

Stephanie Judal, AVP, Cultural Marketing, US Bank

Being Included, Being Heard – The New Asian American Consumer Presentation by Nielsen

With a buying power of $1.15T, Asian Americans are a young and upwardly mobile group. Their growing influence over American culture and life also opens new doors to brands and marketers. With COVID-19 and the current political uncertainty, which strategies work better and are there issues that matter most? How can you better engage with this often overlooked segment?

Join Nielsen’s Mariko Carpenter, as she shares insights on the Asian American consumer and how engaging them in your marketing strategy leads to growth.

Mariko Carpenter, Vice President, Strategic Community Alliances, Nielsen

Ditching the Model Minority: Breaking into Marketing & Advertising

Listen to 3 first-generation panelists across 3 levels, who’ve gone away from the model minority path (doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, banking), and landed in the world of marketing and advertising. They’ll talk about their career paths, and how their identities have shaped what they bring to the office & the work they do.

Jennifer Kohl, SVP, Integrated Media and Connections, VMLY&R

Clara Luo, VP, Director of Strategic Growth, BAV Group, VMLY&R

Natalie Gatbonton, Senior Associate, Global Communications Planning, Mindshare

The 2020 Census: An Integrated Approach to Reach Asian American Audiences

The mission of the U.S. Census is to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place, and the goal of the Integrated Communications Contract is to reach every household in the U.S., including Asian American. Faced with unprecedented challenges, the 2020 Census is coming to a close. 3AF member agency TDW+Co will share insights and lessons learned on the Asian American outreach campaign, as the Asian Agency of Record for the 2020 Census.

Edward Chang, Managing Director, TDW+Co

Chien Hwang, Executive Creative Director, TDW+Co

Gloria Shawber, Associate Account Director, TDW+Co