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Diving into 2020 Census Data: Asian American Research Facts and Figures You Need to Know

We all know that the decennial Census helps determine some crucial outcomes across the country, including Congressional representation and how billions of federal dollars are spent. But Census data is also extremely critical to marketers. Initial results of the 2020 Census confirms that America is more diverse and more multiracial than ever before. In fact, Asian Americans are now the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the United States. Join Neil Ruiz, associate director of race and ethnicity research at Pew Research Center, in a deep dive into Census data as it relates specifically to the Asian American population.

Indrajit Majumdar

Neil G. Ruiz
Associate Director, Race and Ethnicity Research
Pew Research Center

Asian Marketing in the Recovery and Beyond – Implications from the 2020 Census

In this follow-up discussion to the Census presentation, panelists from leading multicultural agencies will discuss the impacts of demographic trends on Asian marketing such as fastest growth, geographical diversity, mixed race and within-group diversity. The discussion will include how these demographic trends impact marketing strategy and media buying as well as opportunities and challenges in Asian marketing.

Delmus Credle
Head of Strategy & Insights
IW Group

Aileen Liao
Group Account Director

Howard Lichtman
Founding Partner
Ethnicity Matters

Patricia Ratulangi
VP, Global Communications

Iris Yim
Vice President

Disrupt Aging

Join us to learn about how AARP has been working to Disrupt Aging by challenging outdated beliefs and change the way we think about aging.

Karen Chong
Director of Audience and Influencer Engagement

Indrajit Majumdar

Is Cricket a Religion?

Cricket is celebrated like a religion in South Asia. People of Indian & South Asian ethnicity residing in North America follow the sport as closely as their family and friends in their country of origin. The fervor and passion aroused are no less than the intensity with which festivals are celebrated. Since the 2022 T20 Cricket World Cup coincides with the Diwali festive season, this talk centers on what your plan should be regarding messaging, media planning & buying at this time of year. Tune in to find out how to capture the best inventory & rates during this unique crescendo of excitement in Oct 2022. If you think it’s too early to start planning, you just might leave this talk with a different opinion!

Senthil Govindan
CEO and Founder

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

A Behind the Scenes Look at the 3AF and Ad Council’s Vaccine Education Campaign Collaboration

Recently, the 3AF and Ad Council teamed up on an innovative new campaign providing Asian Americans with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.The Ad Council is well known for creating engaging public service communications in times of national crisis, while the 3AF, is the leading organization for Asian media, the conduit to our community. It was a unique and strategic partnership. In this session, speakers from 3AF and the Ad Council will provide an inside look at how this collaboration came to be, campaign results and share some of the campaign spots.

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

Amanda Kwong
Campaign Manager
Ad Council

Indrajit Majumdar

Michael Moon
Co-Founder, General Manager
Prime Image Media

The Future of Video Advertising for Asian Americans

The pandemic has drastically changed US consumers’ media consumption behavior and Asian American consumers is no exception. Video content in all forms has experienced tremendous growth. On this panel, media experts will discuss trends and opportunities in the Asian American video landscape, changes during the pandemic, challenges in planning and purchasing video advertising in the Asian American market as well as video strategy for brands.

Vikas Arora
Chief Growth Officer
Mikado International

Michael Lai
Media Director, Media Strategy and Investments

Stacy Lee
Associate Media Director
Intertrend Communications

Ron Xie
Media Director

Understanding the Model Minority Myth

The model minority myth for Asian Americans has existed since the 1960s.It is a notion whose history actually dates back to the 1880s, and it is a byproduct of the colonization of Asian countries and immigration laws in the United States.It is a term often used to point to the success of Asian Americans and also used as a comparison tool.Sadly, these uses of the term are wrongfully directed and misguided. This session does a deep dive in origin of the model minority myth, its complexity and why it does more harm than good.

Jay Kim
AAAZA and 3AF Past President
Managing Director

AAPI Marketing Leadership: An Industry ERG

The onset of the pandemic resulted in much hate being channeled toward the AAPI community.A group of AAPI marketers came together to develop a response. What formed was a professional community—and industry ERG—that had never existed before.Elliot Lum will share the story behind this industry ERG, how it got started and how it advances and accelerates visibility for the AAPI community through the power of marketing.

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

Elliot Lum
EVP, Community & Growth