3AF Summit Archive - 2022


MAY 10-12

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Asian Marketing 101

The linguistic and cultural diversity of the Asian segment may seem overwhelming for marketers who want to tap into this fastest growing segment, but it’s not as daunting as it seems. In this session, advertising veteran Jay Kim will walk you through the segment characteristics, different Asian marketing approaches, and how to leverage on cultural nuances to make production effective without breaking your budget.

Speaker: Jay Kim, President, AAAZA and Past President, 3AF

Leveraging Amazon Ad Ecosystem

Speaker: Senthil Govindan, CEO, Datawrkz

Asian Media Landscape

Asian American is the fastest growing consumer segment that wields tremendous purchase power, a segment that marketers can’t afford to ignore. However, the diversity of Asian consumers in terms of culture and language and the complicated Asian media landscape that reflects the segment’s diversity make it challenging for marketers to create and execute a media plan for effective communication. This session will provide an overview of the Asian media landscape and insights on important considerations when crafting a media plan for an Asian marketing campaign.

Speaker: Tony Li, Media Supervisor, Admerasia

Asian American Deep Dive

Asian American is a diverse consumer segment that encompasses US born Asians and foreign born Asians that hailed from more than 20 countries in Asia, with the 5 largest groups accounting for more than 75% of the Asian population. Since two thirds of Asian Americans are foreign born and have close ties with their cultural backgrounds and home countries, marketers need to have a good understanding of these largest sub-segments for effective communication. This session will provide a deep dive on the 5 largest segments: Chinese, Asian Indian, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese including key characteristics and differences as well as insights about effective communication/messaging for each sub-segment.

Speaker: Anna Xie, Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Intertrend

Power of The South Asian Consumer Segment & Insights on Reaching Them

The South Asian consumer segment, estimated to be 5.8 million in the United States, is a critical group in the Asian community. They are the fastest growing segment in the United States (up 81 percent since 2010), affluent, with an income twice as much of the general population, and high attainment of post graduate degrees to name just a few compelling facts. 

In this session, executives from Homelight, New York Life Insurance Company, Mikado and Zee Network discuss the importance of reaching out to the South Asian consumer during COVID 19 and beyond. 


Sumant Sridharan, Chief Operating Officer, Homelight

Vikas Arora, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder, Mikado

Srinivas Ranga, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company

Indrajit Majumdar, Executive Vice President, Zee Network

Asian Americans’ Mindset and Outlook in the Post Pandemic New Normal

To get a better understanding of the new economic landscape shaped by COVID and social injustices, Sparkle Insights and The Filipino Channel conducted more than 1500 interviews among Caucasian, Hispanic, African American and Asian American consumers in January 2022. Given the diversity of the Asian population, the Asian sample was further investigated and divided into Chinese, Asian Indian and Filipino. This presentation will focus on the Asian American findings including grocery shopping and online shopping during the pandemic, consumer mindset and their attitudes towards diversity and inclusion issues, their outlooks and plans for 2022 as well as media consumption in the post pandemic world.

Speaker:  Iris Yim, Chief Strategist, Sparkle Insights and Vice President, 3AF

Why Mentorship and Leadership Development Matters!

Giving back to the next generation is the best way to keep our industry strong! Join 3AF for a conversation about the importance of mentorship and leadership development. Our panelists will provide some great advice to newer members of the industry with how to best speak up and learn from more senior members of companies! We’ll also discuss how more experienced professionals can help the next generation & why mentorship goes both ways. No matter what stage you are in your career – leadership development & mentorship matters!


Bernice Chao, Head of Integrated Creative, Zambezi

Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF


Dan Matthews, Managing Partner, International Secret Agents

The Value of Community to Brands

What do the most dynamic creators, the fastest growing startups and the best-loved brands have in common today? They build community.

Community has become the “new moat” – a distinct, competitive business advantage for an expanding range of companies and industries. Community is at the heart of meaningfully connecting people, on and offline. It’s a direct line to building trust, deeper engagement, and better experiences – especially for the people and businesses we serve at Facebook. In this session, you will discover:

  • The value of community to brands today
  • Examples of communities driving brand loyalty, advocacy, and innovation
  • What the future holds for brand communities


Sylvia Zhou, Global Industry Strategy and Partnerships Lead, Meta

Katphin Moo, Director, Program Development and Community | Community and Impact Partnerships, Meta

2020 Census Results for the Asian Population

Our diverse communities now have a new snapshot of the racial and ethnic composition of the country with the release of 2020 Census redistricting data. During this presentation for the Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF), race and ethnicity experts from the U.S. Census Bureau will present key takeaways from the 2020 Census as it relates to the Asian population


Brittany Rico, Survey Statistician, Racial Statistics Branch, Population Division

Bev Pratt, Research Analyst, Race and Ethnicity Research and Outreach, Population Division


Iris Yim, Principal and Chief Strategist, Sparkle Insights and 3AF Vice President

Asian Americans: Thriving and Loyal Automobile Buyers

Asian Americans are the fastest growing consumer segment, and they are also brand loyal when it comes to spending on new cars. The average MSRP for Asian new registrations in the first nine months of 2021 was $37,934, compared to $33,710 for African Americans, and $33,677 for Hispanics. Despite setbacks from the pandemic, the Asian American demographic is a critical part of the diverse automotive landscape. This session will discuss Asian Americans and their top car brands, top models, top markets and how they embrace technology, including the future of electric vehicles.

Speaker: Marc Bland, Chief Diversity Officer, S&P Global/IHS Markit

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF

Asian American Media Buying Strategies

Speaker: Senthil Govindan, CEO, Datawrkz

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF

Growing Power of Asian Consumers and Investing in Asian Marketing


Rohit Arora, Head of Global Marketing Strategy, Prudential Financial

Ruchika Kohli, Regional Head of Consumer Business, Americas and Europe, Instarem

Moderator: Indrajit Majumdar, President, 3AF

The Opportunity Gap: How Much Money Is Your Brand Leaving On The Table?

Certain organizations understand the changing demographics and the fact that multicultural consumers have become the engine for growth. But how much budget should they be devoting to multicultural marketing? What ethnic group should they be focusing on? How much money are they leaving on the table by not investing in multicultural marketing? How do they determine the numbers to make the case for multitribal consumers providing growth?  This session will reveal the 7 steps to unlocking growth and how to determine the size of the prize.

Speaker: Margie Bravo, Multicultural Strategist, Nestle

Moderator: Howard Lichtman, Co-Founder, Ethnicity Matters

AAPI Hosted Podcasts: Scaling from Niche to the Masses

Join Kristen Meinzer, the host of By The Book as we dive into their journey into podcasting and the value for advertisers to connect with AAPI audiences through this powerful medium.

Speaker: Kristen Meinzer, Host, By the Book

Moderator: Briana Mendez, Sales Marketing Strategy Manager, Multicultural, SXM Media

Everyone’s Talking About Podcasts But Me

With the world changing at the speed of light, podcasts have become one of the best mediums to catch up on the latest news and culture, especially for the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. With the lack of representation in mainstream publications, podcasts have become a go to destination for AAPI’s to hear about topics and news that would otherwise go underreported.  Find out how top AAPI podcasts have used their platform to talk about issues and stories authentically as well as practices for how brands and companies can engage in this medium to create true partnerships. 

Panelists: Jerry Won, Founder and CEO, Just Like Media; Nora Ali, Media Entrepreneur and Host, Business Casual; Gloria Shawber, Director, TDW+Co

Moderator:  Dan Matthews, Managing Partner, International Secret Agents

Why Authenticity Matters – Toyota’s Approach to Asian Consumers

In today’s marketing environment, Brands have never been under so much pressure to be authentic – to themselves, their product, and most importantly, their consumers.  Social media has created an instant feedback loop for marketers where you’ll know how well you did in a very short period of time.  Where authenticity is even more critical is when brands attempt to leverage longtime cultural pillars or trends in their marketing.  Join us to find out how Toyota and Intertrend took on this challenge, what they did, and ultimately how they performed.

Speaker:  Lindsay Lee, Senior Manager, Vehicle Marketing and Communications Group, Toyota Motor North America

Rise: A History of Asian American Pop Culture from 1990s to Now

Americans contribute so much to our society, be it through food, fashion, music, movies, politics and activism. Yet this key role has mostly been overlooked through the decades, and has only really been acknowledged by mass media — that is to say, “pop culture” — over the past five years. Jeff Yang, one of the authors of the newly released New York Times bestselling book, “RISE: A Pop History of Asian America from the Nineties to Now,” will discuss the book’s creation and the evolution of Asian Americans in pop culture over the last three decades and why that emergence into visibility is so important for our community.

Speaker: Jeff Yang, Author, Screenwriter, Cultural Critic

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF

General Motors Remarks

Asians at Amazon

Speaker: Charlie Chang, Senior Partner, Marketing Manager, Amazon

Moderator: Christina Bellevue, Senior Account Director, Ethnicity Matters


ERG Best Practices – Strategies and Tactics for ERGs to Create Positive Impacts for Organizations

While employee resource groups or ERGs have existed for years, the events of 2020 to the present day have drastically shifted the role of ERGs (especially those focused on Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian employees.

With a focus on the advertising, design, and technology worlds, this panel will discuss how different organizations have crafted their own unique approaches to virtual member engagement, educating their senior leadership teams on the importance of inclusion and development of their Asian employees, and connecting to the Asian community at large.


Sean Choi, Senior Strategist and Leader of AAPI ERG, The Martin Agency

Jennifer Kohl, Executive Director Head of U.S. Media and Co-Chair of Asian ERG, VMLY&R

Anu Mandapati, Former Vice President, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Leadership Development, Talking Talent

Alaric Qin, Product GTM Strategy – Senior PMM and Lead, Asians at Confluent

Mengting Ren, Organizational Therapist, Senior Design Lead and Asianish ERG Lead, IDEO

Moderator: Aaron Fung, Inclusion and Diversity Business Partner, Pinterest

The Power of ERGs – Igniting Change in Corporate America

Employee resource groups, also known as affinity resource groups, colleague resource groups or business network groups, are groups of employees who join together based on shared experiences, cultural background, or life experiences. With the country’s newfound focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, many Asian American ERGs have stepped up their game, organizing impressive initiatives and programs and going well beyond the stereotypical cultural celebrations or performances at Lunar New Year or May Heritage Month.  Hear how several ERGs in different vertical industries are making a difference, not only to the AAPI community at large but to their company’s bottom line and DEI goals.  


Victor Kwong, National President, InspirASIAN at AT&T

Yoonsun Kang, Operations Lead, Global Asian Alliance at Pfizer

Matt Ogawa, Vice President, AAPIs at Meta

Jinghuan Liu Tervalon, VP of Public Affairs of the Asian Pacific Inclusion Network at Coca-Cola

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen, 3AF Executive Director

Behind The Scenes of the Making of “Chinatown Rising”

Against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-1960s, a young San Francisco Chinatown resident armed with a 16mm camera and leftover film scraps from a local TV station, turned his lens onto his community. Chinatown Rising is a documentary film about the Asian-American movement from the perspective of the young residents on the front lines of their historic neighborhood in transition. Through publicly challenging the conservative views of their elders, their demonstrations and protests of the 1960s-1980s rattled the once quiet streets during the community’s shift in power. Forty-five years later, in intimate interviews these activists recall their roles and experiences in response to the need for social change and how their efforts would have a lasting impact across the country. Co-Director and Producer Josh Chuck will discuss the importance of the film and how it is making an impact on the community and future generations of Asian Americans, as well as the unique experience of creating this film with his father, Rev. Harry Chuck

Speaker: Josh Chuck, Co-Director and Producer

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen, 3AF Executive Director

The Intersection of DEI and Marketing

As consumers embrace the new normal and the pandemic is in hindsight (almost), the post pandemic world ushers in a new era for marketers and advertisers in which sensitivity to social issues and causes is just as important as keeping the pulse on consumer trends. This session will focus on the intersection of DEI and marketing by discussing trends in this space and sharing case studies. It will also discuss how to create an overarching strategic framework that brings different functional teams together to work towards a common goal that leverages DEI for all stakeholders.

Speaker: Sharmila Fowler-Pos, Echo Logistics, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Moderator: Iris Yim, Principal and Chief Strategist, Sparkle Insights and 3AF Vice President