The Legacy of 3AF

Pioneers and Accomplishments

3AF Founders

In 1999, a group of visionaries came together with a common goal: to tap into the growing business potential of marketing to Asian American consumers. These pioneers were Elliot Kang, Zan Ng and Joe Lam. They founded the Association of Asian American Advertising Agencies (5As), which later became the Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF). Their mission was to start an association that would promote the Asian American advertising industry and convince corporate marketers of the value of the Asian American market. Over the years, other advertising pioneers continued to help 3AF grow and prosper including Shelley Yamane, Julia Huang, and Bill Imada.

Today, the 3AF continues to provide networking opportunities for Asian agencies, media, and research professionals, showcasing the power and influence of the Asian American consumer. We are grateful to the founders of 3AF for their vision, hard work, and dedication in paving the path for the Asian American advertising industry. Their contributions have been invaluable in promoting the value of the Asian American market, and they will always be remembered as champions of the industry.

Zan Ng

Eliot Kang

Shelley Yamane

Bill Imada

Julia Huang

3AF Past Presidents

  • Nita Song

    2009 - 2013 President
    President & CEO
    IW Group
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Edward Chang

    2013 - 2017 President
    Adjunct Faculty
    New York University
    New York, NY
  • Jay Kim

    2017 - 2021 President
    AAAZA, Inc
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Indrajit Majumdar

    2021 - Current President
    Vin Media & Digital solutions LLC
    Edison, NJ

3AF Accomplishments

2023 Accomplishments Highlights

  • Revitalized and enhanced the 3AF website with a modern design, security features, new imagery, and content.
  • Hosted the in-person 3AF Asian Marketing Summit in Los Angeles.
  • Launched the inaugural 3AF Fall Webinar series.
  • Organized the Asian Mosaic networking event during Advertising Week in New York.
  • Sponsored the Hispanic Marketing Council’s research study, contributing to a comprehensive multicultural understanding with a focus on AAPI insights.
  • Collaborated with Nielsen on the first-ever Asian Language Media Consumption study.
  • Moderated and provided subject matter experts at several Asian-focused sessions at the Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing.
  • Served as judges for the Association of National Advertisers’ annual multicultural marketing excellence awards.
  • Launched the third year of the 3AF Next Gen Leaders mentorship program.
  • Contributed as a non-profit judge for Gold House’s A100 List.
  • Welcomed new members from diverse media and advertising sectors.

2022 Accomplishments Highlights

  • Organized two Asian focused sessions at the Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing all-member forum
  • Contributed an opinion piece in Ad Age on how the advertising industry can help fight hate against Asians
  • Identified and recommended young Asian professionals for the second year of Generation Next, Ad Age’s diversity, equity and inclusion and mentorship program
  • Organized another successful virtual summit in May 2022
  • Served as first round and final round judges for the Association of National Advertisers’ annual multicultural marketing excellence awards.
  • Invited to speak at the Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing’s member only webinar on “The Rising Growth Market Opportunity of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.”
  • Invited to speak at XPectives’ Health Summit in Boston
  • Participated in the first-ever Asian evening event during Ad Week New York in collaboration with Gold House.