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Asian Identity, Brand Relationship and Media Consumption in the Post Covid World

Originally Aired on September 6, 2023

This session will share key findings on Asian Americans from a multicultural study sponsored by the 3AF, Hispanic Market Council and a few media conglomerates. The study examines teens and adults’ views of core identity, views on diversity and inclusion, social issues they care about, state of mind, work and money, values, relationship with brands, and media consumption. With a total sample of 4600, 1000+ per segment for White, Hispanic, Black and Asian, and 1/3 of the sample being teens 13-17, the study will not only reveal key trends and differences of the country’s multicultural consumers but also the younger multicultural majority who grew up with social media, in a diverse environment.

Iris Yim, 3AF Board Member, Chief Strategist of Sparkle Insights

Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF