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AANHPIs, Family, Caregiving….Are We Ready?

Originally Aired on October 3, 2023

Nearly 48 million Americans—1 in 5 adults—are caregivers for a relative or friend over age 50. Asian seniors are the fastest growing demographic, and Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders have unique caregiving challenges. These include language barriers, strong cultural beliefs that prioritize and respect elders, multi-generational households and a preference for home care vs. institutional care. In fact, many AANHPIs don’t consider themselves “caregivers” as it is just an “expected role in life.”

In this session, 3AF member AARP will provide important resources and strategies for caregivers and help them realize it is ok to take care of themselves as they are not alone in their journey.

Tricia L. Sandiego, Sr. Advisor, Caregiving & Health, AARP

Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF