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Intertrend's Consumer Study on COVID-19

Originally Aired on May 13, 2020

COVID-19 is a viral disease and viral subject. Asian Americans have a unique place in this crisis, as a consumer group and how they consume media. Strategic planning executives from Intertrend Communications share the results from a quantitative study they conducted during March and April about Asian Americans and COVID-19.

The results include a comparison across immigration waves (e.g. 1st generation immigrants vs. US-born Asians Americans). And besides the role of media and general sentiments among Asian Americans during the COVID-19 crisis, they will also speak about what brands should know in order to make meaningful connections to the Asian community during and post COVID.

Tanya Raukko, Chief Strategy Officer, Intertrend
Anna Xie, Strategic Planning Director, Intertrend

Cheryl Lee, Executive Director, Intertrend