WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 27, 2010 – Imagine being invited inside the home of your most valued consumer. Imagine opening the family’s refrigerator, their cabinets, their pantry and their closets to see not only the products they buy but what brands they purchase. Imagine sitting down with this consumer and other members of his/her household to hear first-hand what they buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, and how they buy it.

The Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF), a national trade organization comprised of Asian American advertising agencies, Asian market advertisers, Asian media companies, and other industry specialists, announced today the release of a groundbreaking, ethnographic research study DVD entitled, “Up Close Like Never Before—The First Comprehensive In- Language Ethnographic Study of the Asian American Consumer.” The DVD delves into the minds, buying habits and consumer buying power of the top five Asian ethnicities in the United States: Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Korean Americans Filipino Americans and Vietnamese Americans. It is available for purchase on the 3AF website at for $399 for 3AF members and $499 for non-members. Free shipping within the continental United States is included.

The Asian American market is one of the fastest growing population groups in this country. According to current U. S. Census figures, Asian Americans represent approximately 14% to 16% of the total U.S. population. Asian market experts believe that when the 2010 Census results become available, the numbers will be significantly higher.

In producing the video, the 3AF’s team from GC Global Research and Pathlight Studios spent weeks with Asian American families on the West and East Coasts to get a unique look into what really drives today’s Asian American consumers, including their values, lifestyle and culture. Unlike traditional marketing research studies which often summarize findings via charts, graphs or written reports, the 3AF added an innovative twist. Given the popularity of reality TV, a video summarizing the findings was produced, capturing the heart, soul and mind of the respondent families.

Nita Song, President of the Asian American Advertising Federation, said, “Asian Americans account for $510 billion in buying power and are a significant consumer force in the United States. Cultural influence has a deep and long-lasting impact on the buying decisions made by most Asian Americans. This video is a must-see for savvy marketers and advertisers who want to tap into this important consumer market.”

For more information on the 3AF’s ethnographic research video, including a “teaser” version of the video, please visit the 3AF website at

The Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) is a national trade organization comprised of Asian American advertising agencies, Asian market advertisers, Asian media companies, and other industry specialists. Its mission is to grow the Asian American advertising and marketing industry, raise public awareness of the importance of the Asian American community and further professionalism within the industry. More information on the 3AF is available at