$9,900/3 years

Corporations / Advertisers


Corporations / Advertisers


Advertising Agencies,
Public Relations Firms
Special Events Companies





Market Researchers
Suppliers and other
Industry Partners / Vendors
(1 - 5 Employees)



Membership Criteria

Membership is open to advertising agencies who derive 75% or more of their annual revenue from Asian American marketing and advertising services. We also welcome membership from strategic partners, i.e., media, affiliated firms and corporations, etc. Individuals associated with a university or institution of higher education and whose field of concentration or expertise involves Asian American history, culture and/or advertising and marketing may join the association as well. All members have voting privileges.

3AF Annual Membership Dues *

Agencies: Qualifying Asian American agencies derive 75% or more of their annual revenue from Asian American marketing and advertising services

Media: TV Stations, Cable & Satellite Networks, TV Programmers, Radio: Stations & Programmers, Newspapers / Magazines


Affiliated Firms: i.e., market research firms, media buying services, service bureaus, production companies, public relations firms, and other suppliers/partners

Students: full time, undergraduate, and must show proof of student status

*3AF membership dues are annual

Corporate Member (Three Years): $9,900

  • Membership for three years
  • Two, complimentary, "all-access" passes for each year of membership to the annual 3AF Asian Marketing
  • Summit, the only national conference focusing specically on Asian marketing and advertising.
  • This includes all events held during the Summit, which may include the 3AF Boot Camp, the 3AF Summit, and any networking or special events that may be held during the Summit that year
  • Access to 3AF case studies
  • Access to 3AF research
  • Printed copy of the 3AF's inaugural media consumption study "Reaching the Fastest Growing Consumer in a Digital World."
  • Logo on the 3AF website during the three years of membership

Corporations/Advertisers: $7,500**

  • One complimentary registration to the 3AF's annual conference
  • Verbal recognition at all 3AF events during the year
  • Logo on the 3AF website for one year
  • Mention as a corporate sponsor in 3AF news releases for one year
  • Complimentary access to marketing research reports/research data on the 3AF website for one year

**Additional sponsor benefits are available and negotiable

Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms and Special Events Companies: $3,000

Media: $1,500

Market Researchers, Suppliers, and other Industry Partners/Vendors (1 to 5 employees): $1,000

Students: $50 (Must be undergraduate students only and not associated with a company, agency or firm. Must provide proof of full-time (current semester) student status.)

Member Benefits

  • Broaden knowledge and share expertise on the Asian American market through conferences, seminars, events, and programs sponsored by 3AF.
  • Receive advance notice, early reservation service, and discounted registration fees on industry events and programs.
  • Meet and network with Asian American marketing, agency, media and research professionals, and potential clients.
  • Participate in 3AF committees that relate to your business area.
  • Access to research studies and market information related to the Asian American market.
  • Access to verifiable and updated information on Asian American media.