Asian American Voters Age 50-Plus: Mindsets and Priorities in 2022

November 22, 2022

Brief Description:

AARP Research analyzed data from registered voters age 50-plus surveyed in the 2022 Asian American Voter Survey. This latest research on the mindsets and priorities of this growing electorate shows these voters are engaged and want to cast their vote to make a difference in the outcomes of the midterm election..

Top Findings:

• More than seven in ten Asian American voters ages 50-plus either feel as enthusiastic (42%) or more enthusiastic (35%) about voting this November as in previous elections.

• The top three issues cited in this survey when deciding how to vote are crime (89%), healthcare (88%) and jobs and the economy (87%).

• 73% of Asian American voters age 50-plus worry at least sometimes about experiencing a hate crime, harassment, or discrimination.

• 66% of Asian American voters age 50-plus worry about not having Medicare to cover the cost of health care in retirement.

• While this electorate overall leans more Democratic (46%) than Republican (31%), a plurality (40%) consider themselves Independent.

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