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MAY 29-30

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Welcome to Toyota

Speaker: Mike Tripp, Group Vice President, Toyota Division Marketing

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Greater Dallas’ Asian American History

With more than 26 Asian nationalities represented in the greater Dallas area, Asian culture is an integral part of Dallas’ business and identity. Stephanie Drenka, co-founder of the Dallas Asian Historical Society, will provide a local’s overview of the Asian community in Greater Dallas and insights on her organization’s mission and goals.

Speaker: Stephanie Drenka, Co-founder and Executive Director, Dallas Asian American Historical Society

Beyond Borders: Harnessing Multicultural Insights and Census Bureau Data to Propel Asian American Market Strategies

Dive into an enlightening session at the Asian Marketing Summit, presented by Susana Privett of the U.S. Census Bureau and Iris Yim of Sparkle Insights. This comprehensive presentation merges critical Census Bureau data with cutting-edge consumer research to unveil the significant demographic shifts and consumption patterns among multicultural consumers, with a special focus on the Asian American community. Learn about free data resources including an interactive 2020 Census detailed race and ethnicity data visualization tool, and how Asian Americans are influencing and integrating into mainstream culture through media consumption and cross-cultural exchanges. We’ll explore how these insights tie into broader market trends, offering actionable strategies for effectively engaging with a diverse audience.


Susana Guerra Privett, Data Dissemination Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

Iris Yim, 3AF Chair of Research Committee and Principal of Sparkle Insights

From Tension to Triumph: The Power of Alignment and Trust in Creating Great Work

In stories, great ideas often appear out of nowhere and without struggle they come to life with everyone joyously cheering. Corporate meeting rooms tell a different story, one of different perspectives that often lead to clashes and at times compromised outcomes. This story starts here, but with tight strategic alignment and a deep level of trust it results in a spectacular outcome. Join us as Tyler McBride (VMaC Senior Manager, Toyota) and Matthew Choy (Executive Director, Intertrend) recount this journey of true partnership.


Tyler McBride, Sr. Manager, Brand, Growth Audiences, Cross Vehicle Line Marketing, Toyota North America

Matthew Choy, Executive Director, Intertrend

Striking a Chord : Amplifying Brand Voices Through the Power of Asian American Music

Asian Americans have an innate ability to navigate two separate but interconnected worlds. Their experiences in the US are marked by both an Asian and American identity. Join us with a panel of experts that will dive into the influential role that audio, music, and entertainment play and the impact of advertising as east meets west.


Cheryl Lee, Executive Director, Media and Analytics, Intertrend

Eric Nam, Founder and Creative Director, DIVE Studios

Brian Nam, CEO, DIVE Studios

Ronny Ho, Head of Dance & Electronic Development, Spotify

Mike Chuthakieo, Chief Revenue Officer, 88rising

Advancing Inclusivity in Survey Research

AANHPI voices are often missing or underrepresented due to limited or inaccurate data representation. Amplify AAPI is the largest, most representative public opinion panel of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. During our time together, the panelists will discuss ways Amplify AAPI can be used and what have been done so far to illuminate the views, values, and priorities of these communities.


Daphne Kwok, Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Asian American & Pacific Islander Audience Strategy, AARP

Alex Chew, Director, Amplify AAPI, NORC at the University of Chicago

Matrika Chapagain, Ph.D., Senior Research Manager, Analytics & Audiences AARP Research

The Impact of AAPI Voters in 2024 and Beyond

As the race to the 2024 elections heats up, the role of the AAPI community’s vote is gaining unprecedented attention. This panel will discuss the significance of this powerful and expanding electorate, as well as explore the unique challenges and opportunities courting AAPI voters. With a special focus on the rapidly growing AAPI presence in the greater Dallas-Forth Worth area, the discussion will provide insights into effective engagement and the community’s growing political participation


Patricia Ratulangi, VP, Global Communications – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Corporate Citizenship, Nielsen

Joe Min, Vice President, Client Management, Intertrend

John Ishiyama, Professor and Department Chair, Political Science,University of North Texas

From Complexity to Clarity: UnitedHealthcare’s Journey in Simplifying Healthcare Access Experience for Asian-Americans

UnitedHealthcare’s taken the proactive approach to meet the distinct needs of Asian-American communities through culturally tailored strategies, including language-specific outreach and partnerships with community organizations. By recognizing cultural nuances and fostering trust, UnitedHealthcare aims to improve accessibility and understanding in healthcare, ensuring Asian-American communities receive the care they need with ease and empathy.

Speaker: Chris Law, National Vice President, Asian Initiatives, UnitedHealthcare

Navigating New Norms: Brand Innovation through Global Sensibility and Inclusion

Steven Moy, CEO of L&C NYC, will address cultural diversity in shaping consumer expectations and brand strategies. Leveraging insights from the US Census, Moy will explore how America’s evolving demographics demand a more authentic and socially responsible approach from brands. Attendees will learn about the significance of digital communities in building brand loyalty, the impact of Web3 technologies on consumer data privacy, and how AI can drive inclusive marketing practices. This session is essential for marketing professionals and brand managers eager to integrate diversity and innovation into their strategies, ensuring their brands remain competitive and culturally relevant in a dynamic market landscape.

Speaker:  Steven Moy, Founder and CEO, Moyandhalter

Asian Cinema - Growth and Opportunities

South Asian representation in film is having an unprecedented moment in the United States, which includes a run of mainstream attention and historic Oscar recognition for films such as RRR, the Elephant Whisperer, and To Kill a Tiger. This session will provide an overview of the success of South Asian films in the last two decades, the reasons behind this rise in viewer engagement, and how marketers can leverage this trend for broader reach and impact.


Michael Spaeth, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO), Alerion Services

Eric Bond, Senior Director of Content Programming, Cinemark

Ajay Bansiwal, Head of Multicultural, Datawrkz