3AF Summit Archive - May 2021


MAY 18-19

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Using Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights to Accelerate Change

DE&I insights are increasingly essential to accelerate change. Yuko Araki from AARP will share how companies can uncover and use DE&I insights to drive positive change for the marketplace, workforce, and workplace. She will also highlight the importance of representation to better serve our diverse consumers, employees, and organizations.

Yuko Araki
VP, Customer Experience Change Capability & Metrics

Indrajit Majumdar

Asians and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Over the past year, discrimination and escalated violence targeting Asian Americans since the pandemic have been a painful reminder of persistent racism against Asian Americans and stereotypes of being a perpetual stranger. It’s a wake-up call that racial relations is an essential piece of the historical and cultural fabric of this country and Asian Americans need to participate in discussions of diversity and inclusion so that they are not invisible. However, many Asian Americans, whether US born or foreign born, were not brought up to talk about the complicated subject of racial relations. This session will discuss critical issues such as perceptions of Asian Americans, Asian Americans and race, Asian and Black relations and how to address inequity and current tensions in society today.

Nitasha Sharma
Northwestern University

Jay Kim
Past President

Four Asian Voices on Influencer Marketing

With the immense investment in influencer marketing, brands need to think about inclusivity from the very start of their campaign strategy. Marketers can only influence large masses when their influencers represent different stories, races , socioeconomic backgrounds.

Veena Crownholm
Content Creator

Arushi Garg
Content Creator
The Snazzy Mom

Joy Green
Content Creator

Angela Kim
Content Creator
Mommy Diary

St Jude Breaks Ground in the Asian American Influencer Space with Christine Ackermann and Anh Sundstrom

Experience the magic of St. Jude through the lens of Christine Ackermann, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Executive Director and San Francisco-based social influencer, Anh Sundstrom of 9to5chic. Anh will share her story with us on why she supports St. Jude – a testament to the resilience and innovation behind and beyond hospital doors. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital received the Health Nonprofit Brand of the Year for the eighth consecutive year with the 2021 Harris Poll EquiTrend Equity Score and is proud to be this year’s 3AF Charity Partner.

Christine Ackermann
Executive Director
ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Ho

Anh Sundstrom
Content Creator

Indrajit Majumdar

3AF’s Media Consumption Study

To help marketers and media understand the U.S. Asian consumer opportunity, the Asian American Advertising Federation has been studying the growth of the U.S. Asian population for nearly two decades. We created the first Asian American Media Consumption Study in 2016 and released a second study in 2019. Asians are recognized as the fastest-growing multicultural segment in America, driven largely by new immigration.

While the majority of growth in the U.S. is coming from new immigration, the buying power of U.S.-born Asians is simultaneously on the rise. This is significant and worth exploring. First-generation Asians represent new potential and can be reached by specialized media, while broader media mix can reach later generations. So, how does our fast-changing media landscape – with the proliferation of media channels and technologies that deliver ever-more-personalized content – contribute to these consumption decisions?

In this session, Iris Yim,3AF Vice President and Principal, Sparkle Insights, will share key highlights from the 3AF’s 2019 Asian Media Consumption Study.

Iris Yim
Vice President

Connected TV – Opportunities, Strengths, and Challenges

This session will cover the rapid growth of one of today’s hottest media options. Senthil Govindan of Datawrkz will discuss how CTV can be best leveraged, while also providing practical advice about limitations and suggestions for how these gaps can be overcome

Senthil Govindan
CEO, Co-Founder

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

Quantum Marketing – Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers

Raja Rajamannar, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Mastercard and President of the company’s healthcare business is a recognized leader in marketing, data and digital technologies.He is responsible for successfully leading Mastercard’s marketing & communications transformation, including developing its Priceless experiential platforms and creation and deployment of cutting-edge marketing-led business models. He oversaw the successful evolution of Mastercard’s identity, pioneering the company’s move to become a symbol brand and launching its breakthrough sonic architecture. Under Raja’s leadership Mastercard has become one of the Top 10 Brands in the World across all categories according to BrandZ and one of the fastest growing Brand recognized by Interbrand.

Raja serving as the President of the World Federation of Advertisers, is among Business Insider’s Top 25 World’s Most Innovative CMOs, Forbes World’s Most Influential CMOs, Adweek’s most tech savvy CMOs and ANA Educational Foundation’s Marketer of the Year. He is the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Quantum Marketing.

In this session, Raja will discuss his role at Mastercard, how technology is changing the industry and how the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is affecting marketing. He will also pull insights and advice from his recently released Wall Street Journal best-selling book ‘Quantum Marketing’ – a must read for marketers at every level of their career.

Raja Rajamannar
Chief Marketing Officer

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

Brands Being A Force For Good– Insights from Marc Pritchard at Procter & Gamble

In this interview, P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard talks about brand’s role in the current environment amid consumers’ increasing demand for brand response to social issues and what P&G is working to address anti-Asian hate.

Marc Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer
Procter & Gamble

Nita Song
Chief Momentum Officer
IW Group

The Long Game: Toyota’s Approach to Asian Americans

SianiKiyonaga talks about Toyota’s response to the pandemic and how the brand helps the Asian community during this difficult time.

Senior Manager, Brand, Growth Audiences, Cross Vehicle Line Marketing Toyota Motor North America
Toyota Motor North America

Asian Americans and The Media: Accurate and Unbiased Coverage or Other?

Like it or not, Asians Americans are in the news. On the negative side, anti-Asian hate has escalated to unprecedented levels, and almost every day there is a story about an Asian who has been a victim of a heinous crime. On the positive side, the Asian community has mobilized and is demanding action, through marches, rallies, demonstrations and building allyships with others. Is the media coverage we’ve been seeing accurate? Does it differ if the media is general market, Asian media, digital or a trade publication? Why has mainstream media historically been hesitant to cover our segment? Is the model minority myth to blame? What can Asian Americans do to make sure all reporters, regardless of their background, uphold the core principles of journalism on which the profession was founded: clarity, accuracy, fairness, truth, independence, and public service.

Ann-Christine Diaz
Creativity Editor

Cecilia Lei
Multimedia Journalist

Benny Luo
CEO and Founder

Frank Washington
CEO and Founder
Crossings TV

Genny Hom-Franzen
Executive Director

McDonald’s Bold Stand In Support of Asian Americans

As one of the early pioneers in engaging the Asian American segment, McDonald’s has been a leader in Asian American marketing for nearly 20 years. In this fireside chat with agency partner IW Group, marketing and public relations leaders from the Golden Arches discuss the brand’s long term commitment to the community and how it continues to innovate in a rapidly-evolving landscape.

Elizabeth Campbell
Senior Director of Marketing
McDonald’s Corporation

Heather Woodard
Director of Multicultural PR and Brand Engagement
McDonald’s USA

Jennifer Kim
Client Partner
IW Group

Providing Vaccine Education within AAPI Communities

Nearly a third of the U.S. is already fully vaccinated, but many others still have questions about COVID-19 vaccines… and that’s OK. The Ad Council’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative aims to ensure the American public has the most accurate information possible to get educated on the vaccines and, ultimately, to help them feel empowered to make an informed choice for themselves and their families. Learn how the initiative is hard at work to reach Asian Americans through public education efforts rolling out across the U.S. and how cross-industry collaboration will play a major role in a brighter and healthier future.

Grace Lee
Associate Chief Medical Officer
Stanford Children’s Health

Nick Sugai
VP, Group Campaign Director
Ad Council

Steven Wong
Ready State

The Asian Indian Consumer: Hidden in Plain Sight

Farah Aslam from intertrend talks about the cultural identity of Asian Indians and the growth opportunities represented by this consumer segment.

Farah Aslam
Senior Planner
Intertrend Communications

Appreciation Panel: Brands Who Have Stood By the Asian Segment

Multicultural marketing in the United States has existed for more than three decades, yet most of us can probably count on one hand the corporations who have invested in the Asian American segment consistently since day one. Asian Americans, with a population of 23.1 million, are the fastest growing ethnic group with a 46% growth rate and buying power that is set to touch 1.3 trillion dollars by the year 2022. In this panel, we ask executives from long-time supporters of the Asian American segment, Citi, Remitly, and Unilever, to discuss the reasons behind their long-standing commitment to the Asian American segment, why they believe in supporting all diverse communities, strategies and tips for engaging and building brand loyalty with Asian consumers, and how they are innovative about keeping our communities engaged in constant dialogue.

Indrajit Majumdar

Judy Popky
Global Multicultural Marketing and Outreach, Director Marketing

Ratika Sehgal
Marketing Manager, International and Ethnic Business Unit, North America

Kwan Yim
Director, Global Agency Management

Finding Your Path: Mainstream Advertising Vs. Multicultural Advertising

When choosing a career in marketing, its often difficult to know which path to take. Should I go directly to a multicultural agency? Or does that mean I get “stuck” labeling myself as multicultural? Is that even a bad thing or is the multicultural label a good thing? Or should I choose a general market and leave the multicultural door open as an option down the road? As a multicultural person, would my voice be heard at a general market agency? These questions and more will be explored in detail during the panel.

The objective of this panel is to educate young marketing hopefuls on the various paths and decisions they might make along the way to their career goals. The panel will discuss specific career choices among mid-to-senior level professionals both at general market and multicultural agencies. The differing points of view and unique perspectives are meant to provide a 360-look at the options available to those that aspire to agency, media, or client-side lives in marketing.

Jef Bontrager
Senior Brand Strategist

Delmus Credle
Head of Strategy
IW Group

Donn Rohn
Management Director, Strategy

Javier San Miguel
Group Creative Director

Connecting with Asian American Consumers Where They Are Culturally – How Do Multicultural Agencies Evaluate And Deploy Their Media Investment

Asian media is an important part of the media landscape in the US market and provides a space for Asian American consumers to connect to their cultural heritage and the AAPI community. However, given the diversity of the community, the Asian media landscape is just as complex. How do you deploy your media plan and budget to make your campaign successful? This panel of multicultural media buying experts will discuss the latest trends on Asian media buying, what media buyers are looking for from Asian media partners, and their best practices and challenges in multicultural media buying.

Pinky Chakraborty
Founder and Director of Media Services

Executive Media Director
Intertrend Communications

Saswati Pal
Media Supervisor

Eileen Tran
Media Director

Ron Xie
Media Director

Doris Yeh
Associate Media Director

From Hate to Hope: Research On COVID-19 Anti-Asian Discrimination By Nielsen

In this discussion, Miss Ratulangi presents Nielsen’s latest research on the plausible role of digital advertising funding hate speech on the internet and furthering discrimination and stereotypes against Asian Americans, albeit unintentionally.

Patricia Ratulangi
VP, Global Communications

Iris Yim
Vice President