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IMG-0965Board Member, Jay Kim, Speaks at a NextGen Los Angeles Reception held in collaboration with our friends at Asians in Advertising

2022 NextGen Mentorship Program

Applications are closed for the NextGen Program 2022! Thank you to those that applied.

We’re excited to announce the call for applicants for the 2022 NextGen Mentorship Program presented in partnership with Asians in Advertising and the Asian American Advertising Federation.

The program is designed to be targeted & focused on helping rising Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Leaders in the marketing, advertising, and creative industry.

As an often underrepresented and fragmented group within these fields, the NextGen program seeks to serve as a learning resource for rising leaders , with industry professionals to empower them in their careers. It also seeks to serve as a learning opportunity & resource for the industry professionals to connect with up & coming talent – which hopes to provide them with insights into the new generation of consumer advocates.

Mentees and Mentors will be matched through the program and will meet once a month over the period of six months.

Each month there will be a specific theme or topic to discuss, set by steering committee, which will provide an opportunity for Mentors and Mentees to learn from one another, hopefully forging a long term relationship.

NextGen participants will also get a chance to connect with one another in the program through monthly speaker series, workshops, and happy hours. Not only will they get a chance to learn from Industry Professionals, but they’ll get a chance to learn from others like them whom are going through similar stages in their professional careers from all around the Country.

Mentees/Mentors will also receive other perks, like opportunities to meet & greet with Board members from Asian American Advertising Federation or Asians in Advertising, early access & discounts to workshops & panels, and other industry resources






Mentee Qualifications:

  • •<10 years of professional experience in marketing, communications, advertising (career pivoters are welcome!)
  • •Dedicated & committed to making the most of your time with your mentor
  • •Want to work on specific action item
  • •Willing to bring new perspective



Mentor Qualifications:

  • •10+ years of industry experience
  • •Dedicated & committed to spending time with your mentees
  • •Openness to open your network to help Mentees
  • •Share your personal journey & help mentees shape theirs



  • •1 x Monthly Meeting w/ Mentors
  • •1 x Monthly Meeting w/ Young Professionals Group for workshops, speakers & happy hours
  • •1 x Orientation Meeting w/ 3AF



  • •1 x Monthly Meeting w/ Mentee
  • •1 x Orientation Meeting w/ 3AF



During 2021, the Asian American Advertising Federation was proud to pair over 50 mentor & mentee industry professionals. Throughout the six month program, mentors & mentees met once a month (virtually) for one-on-ones, workshops, panels, and end of the year in-person mixers.  The program was a success with motivated individuals from around the Country coming together to learn & grow!

A BIG thanks to the initiative from Co-Chairs Natalie Gatbonton, Clara Luo, Jessalin Lam, and Dan Matthews and our friends at Asians in Advertising!

“The 3AF Mentorship program was transformative for me. I really appreciated the time and thoughtfulness of their pairing. My mentor and I had so many similarities in experience and values. After each session I feel infused with confidence on how to be a better manager and how to navigate the workplace. She has made me realize that I am accountable on paving the way for the next generation of female Asian leaders. THANK YOU.” – Lanjin Harris (Mentee)

“This was my first year volunteering at the Asian American advertising foundation, I am really impressed by the efforts of this group to continue to champion the voice of Asian consumer. The  marketing and advertising world is fast changing and we are living in unprecedented times, I encourage broader Asian marketing community to lean in and support 3AF mission. this is the go to team who is making a difference and having fun!” – Vishal Sanghvi (Mentor)



I can’t join this time, but would like to be considered for the future – is that possible?

Absolutely! Please email us at YPG@3AF.org to be contacted in the future!

How many people will you be accepting this time around?

All applications are welcome! Depending on interest from mentees & mentors, we’ll adjust the program accordingly.

How do I become a Mentor?

If you’d like to be considered as a mentor, we’d LOVE to have you. We are seeking industry professionals with knowledge to share & a passion to teach! Please contact us at YPG@3AF.org with “Mentor” in the subject line.

Questions? Please email us at YPG@3AF.org