3AF Support Page

Welcome to the 3AF Coronavirus Support Page

The 3AF would like to share relevant information and resources, including webinar videos and other links, to help our Asian American advertising and marketing industry stake holders, business owners and consumer- related organizations navigate this unprecedented health crisis.

We will be adding information and updating the links weekly so please check back often and watch for 3AF eblasts.

3AF Weekly Content:

April 8th – Video – Webinar of COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Explained with Mr. Robert Steiner, Small Business Administration with National ACE –

April 15th – Video – Webinar panel of Coronavirus Asian American Anti-Discrimination Campaigns –

Panelists:  Telly Wong – SVP & Chief Content Officer, IW Group, Max Davidson – Chief Integrations Officer, Admerasia

Moderator: Jeff Yang – Author, CNN Contributor, Podcast Co-Host of They Call Us Bruce

April 21st – Video – Communication During Crisis – AARP’s Response to COVID-19 –

Panelists: Daphne Kwok – VP of Multicultural Leadership, AAPI Audience at AARP, Edward Chang – Managing Director, TDW+Co

Moderator: Iris Yim, VP at 3AF and President of Sparkle Insights

April 29th – Video – Working From Home: How 3AF Members Are Getting It All Done During COVID-19 –

Panelists: Cheryl Lee – Executive Director, InterTrend, Javier Ortiz – General Sales Manager, KTSF

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen – Executive Director, 3AF

May 6th – Video – Insights on Reaching Asian Consumers During Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 –

Panelists: Shashank Shekhar – Founder & CEO , Arcus Lending, Nasar Agboatwala – Sr Marketing & Business Development Manager, Paypal

Moderator: Indrajit Majumdar – EVP, Zee Network, 3AF Board Member

May 13th – Video – Intertrend’s Consumer Study on COVID-19 –

Panelists: Tanya Raukko – Chief Strategy Officer, Intertrend, Anna Xie – Strategic Planning Director, Intertrend

Moderator: Cheryl Lee – Executive Director, Intertrend

June 5th – Video – Strategies and Resources for Small Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis –

Panelists: Marlene Nantell – Director of Business Development and Community Outreach, Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, Schenae Rourk – Principal, Redwood Resources.

Moderator: Genny Hom-Franzen – Executive Director, 3AF

June 16th – Video – Future of Live – How Live Events are Adapting in the Age of Covid 19 –

Panelists: Raghu Alla – Founder & Creative Producer, PopShift, Kelvin Chu – Entertainment/Music Consultant & Artist Management, Carmen Kwong – Director of Sales, Operations & Stragegy, Mirror Digital, Inc.

Moderator: Dan Matthews – Managing Partner, International Secret Agents and 3AF Board Member

June 26th – Video – Video Game and eSports During Pandemic –

Panelists: Martin Kim – VP, Strategic Partnerships, Gen.G eSports, Justin Lee – CEO, Airwaves Media Group, LLC., Melissa Flores – Writer, Producer and Streamer

Moderator: Jay Kim – President, 3AF, President, AAAZA

July 21st – Video – Asian American Marketing and Advertising Townhall To Take Action Within And Be Allies Outside of Our Own Community

Part 1 – Opening Remarks and Panel #1: Building Awareness –

Opening Remarks: Elliot Lum – Head of Growth, ANA Education Foundation, Jay Kim – President, 3AF and AAAZA, Deborah Yeh – Chief Marketing Officer, Sephora

Panel #1: Building Awareness

Panelists: Bill Imada – Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer, IW Group, Julia Huang – Founder and CEO, InterTrend, Jeff Lin – Co-Founder, Admerasia, Sheri Klein – Vice President, Campaign Development, Ad Council

Part 2 – Panel #2: Reporting and Story Narrative –

Panelists: Benny Luo – Founder of NextShark, Russel Jeung – Professor of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University, Maulik Pancholy – Chair and Co-Founder, Act to Change, Maria Lee – Associate Creative Director, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Part 3 – Panel #3: Allyship Development –

Panelists: Diana Lee – Chief Executive Officer, Constellation Agency, Chief Executive Officer of Do Good Auto Coalition, Amiri Baraka Jr, – Chief of Staff, City of Newark


Important Links:

Corona Virus Related Asian American Anti-Discrimination Campaigns

IW Group – #WashTheHate – Click here for the website –  Click here for AdWeek coverage of this campaign

Admerasia – RacismIsContagious – Click here for the website –  Click here for AdWeek coverage of this campaign

Intertrend Communications – Click here for the website – #MakeNoiseToday

Ad Council Fight the Virus, Fight the Bias –

Act to Change –

Respond to Racism –

Stop AAPI Hate –

Next Shark –

Do Good Auto Coalition –

Other Helpful Resource Links

AA and NHPI In Language Resources for Coronavirus:

Coronavirus and Older Americans

Crossings TV’s In-language resources

How to Fight the Social Isolation of Coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

COVID-19 Student Resources

Affording Mental Health Care During Coronavirus

Resources for Coronavirus Lost Wages and Layoffs

3AF’s New GoFundMe Page
The Coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially those in the Asian American community. While our primary focus at 3AF is educating marketers about the importance of the Asian American community and the Asian consumer segment, we’ve turned our main attention now to doing whatever we can to help our community.

Many small Asian American businesses are struggling to survive. Xenophobic attacks are escalating nationally and many businesses are dealing with layoffs, shortened hours or even closure. Our organization has always been a champion for our community, and we need your help via our new GoFundMe page:


Your generous dollars will help in four critical areas:

1) Providing relevant and useful resources, i.e., webinars, conference calls to assist Asian American small businesses. Many don’t have access to information or know what federal or local resources may be available to them. Given our access to Asian American ethnic media, we can be a conduit to get these businesses the information they need to help them survive this crisis.

2) Keeping us afloat. Due to shelter in place restrictions, health emergency mandates, and to keep our sponsors, attendees and members safe, we have postponed our annual Asian marketing summit, the only national conference focusing solely on the Asian consumer segment. The summit is our primary revenue generator, and given that it’s been pushed back, funds are needed to help us pay basic bills and weather this unprecedented crisis.

3) Investing in our future Asian advertising leaders. Diverse employees in our industry who understand the value of culture and community is critical. A portion of funds collected will be used to provide scholarships to our upcoming 3AF Asian Marketing Summit for undergraduate college students planning a career in Asian marketing or advertising.

Please consider donating if you can.