Asian American Research Resources

June 7, 2022

As a primary resource in the Asian advertising and marketing industry. the 3AF has compiled a list of research currently available on Asian Americans to help those interested in better understanding this critical consumer segment.   Some of the resources are free; others require a fee. Please contact the research vendors directly if you would like access to the individual reports or have specific questions. If you know of additional research reports to add, please contact 


Asian American Voters Age 50-Plus: Mindsets and Priorities in 2022

Brief Description:
AARP Research analyzed data from registered voters age 50-plus surveyed in the 2022 Asian American Voter Survey. This latest research on the mindsets and priorities of this growing electorate shows these voters are engaged and want to cast their vote to make a difference in the outcomes of the midterm election..

Top Findings:

• More than seven in ten Asian American voters ages 50-plus either feel as enthusiastic (42%) or more enthusiastic (35%) about voting this November as in previous elections.

• The top three issues cited in this survey when deciding how to vote are crime (89%), healthcare (88%) and jobs and the economy (87%).

• 73% of Asian American voters age 50-plus worry at least sometimes about experiencing a hate crime, harassment, or discrimination.

• 66% of Asian American voters age 50-plus worry about not having Medicare to cover the cost of health care in retirement.

• While this electorate overall leans more Democratic (46%) than Republican (31%), a plurality (40%) consider themselves Independent.


COVID-19 Has Driven Racism And Violence Against Asian Americans: Perspectives From 12 National Polls

Recent racially motivated violence against Asian Americans-including the March 2021 Atlanta spa shootings has added urgency to efforts to protect their health and safety after the COVID-19 pandemic. This link provides national public opinion data to document the extent of violence and racism experienced by Asian Americans nationally during the pandemic and suggests a path forward.


Getting Critical Information During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Spanish and Chinese Speakers With Limited English Proficiency

People with limited English proficiency in the United States have suffered disproportionate negative health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study shares some of the research findings on this topic.


2022 3AF Asian Marketing Summit Summary – The Future of Advertising to Asian Americans

This summary report covers insights from the 2022 3AF Asian Marketing Summit. Topics covered include Asian media landscape, 2020 Census, Asian automotive buyers, Toyota case study, Asian Americans’ mindset and outlook in the post-pandemic new normal, how to allocate budget to Asian marketing, the rise of Asian Americans in pop culture and the role of employee resources groups.


Optimistic and Resilient, Multicultural Consumers Power the Pandemic Economy and Beyond: Their Behaviors, Attitudes, and Outlooks

Sparkle Insights and The Filipino Channel release the latest comprehensive study on Asian American consumer insights and media consumption during and post pandemic. Conducted in January 2022, the 1500+ sample study includes Caucasian, Hispanic, African American and Asian Americans. Topics covered include grocery shopping, online shopping, personal finance, outlook of 2022, attitudes towards social issues, and media consumption.


Claritas’ Asian American Retail Report

By 2024, Asian American buying power is projected to reach $1.6 trillion, according to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Research from Claritas shows that the average Asian American household has an income 34% higher than the national median household and spent 11% more annually on retail than the average U.S. household in 2021. Find more insights to better identify and engage these highly influential multicultural consumers by understanding their preferences and attitudes towards retail shopping, in Claritas’ Asian American Retail Report.

US Asian Consumer Behaviors for Electronics (infographic by Claritas)

The Asian American Telecom Report (Claritas)


Overview of the Market

The Rise of Asian Americans by Pew Research Center

A comprehensive report on Asian Americans including population trends, education, income, values and religious affiliation and commitment to the group, with breakdown of Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans, Japanese Americans and other smaller groups.


Economic Power

The Multicultural Economy by Selig Center

The Multicultural Economy report provides state-level buying power estimates broken down by race (white, black, Asian, American Indian) and ethnicity (Hispanic). Each edition of the report includes current-year buying power estimates, buying power projections for the next half decade and historical data going back to 2000 to provide a measure of growth trends in all 50 states.


Public Opinions

National Asian American Survey

Studies focusing primarily on issues of civic engagement and political participation among Asian Americans.


Media Consumption

Reaching the Fastest Growing Consumer in a Digital World by Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF)

A nationwide survey commissioned by the 3AF on Asian American consumers’ media consumption behaviors which covers both traditional and digital media, in English and in native language, with a breakdown on major Asian sub-segments (Chinese, Asian Indian, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese).


Asian American 50+

AARP released research on AAPI:


AARP sponsored released research on AAPI:


Asian Millennials

HMP Wave 5 Study

ThinkNow Research conducted a series of Millennial studies in 2015/2016.  This wave of that study explores the impact of culture on the Millennial consumption of media, technology, and entertainment with specific focus on the U.S. Asian Millennial.


Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Trends 2016

ThinkNow Research conducted its annual Holiday Shopping Trends Study with a focus on looking at the U.S. Asian consumer group looking to learn how this group’s holiday shopping habits were similar and different to others.


Koreans in Los Angeles and Orange County

Highlights of a study commissioned by Radio Korea

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Chinese in Canada

Toronto vs. Shanghai: How Chinese Parents Manage Their Kids’ Extra-curriculum by Chinese Research & Analytics Society (Canada)

The 2017 study conducted by CRAS shows no matter where you live, Toronto or Shanghai, more than 90% of children under 12 years old participate any sorts of extra curriculum activities. Chinese parents are more or less the same even if the education system and philosophy is somewhat different in Canada and China.



Nielsen has put together several reports on Asian Americans covering everything from shopping and beauty trends, to what’s in Asian Americans’ wallets, food habits and more.