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The Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) has commissioned an exciting ethnographic research study delving into the minds, buying habits and consumer buying power of the top five Asian ethnicities in the United States. The study, entitled, “Up Close Like Never Before—The First In- Language Ethnographic Study of the Asian American Consumer” will be released on May 19- 20, 2010 at the 3AF’s national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike traditional marketing research studies, the 3AF’s ethnographic study provides a “deep-dive” into what really drives today’s Asian American consumers, including their values, lifestyle and culture. Click here for an introductory video on the groundbreaking study.

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3AF 2015 Webinar with The Pew Research Center (November 10, 2015)

Modern Immigration Wave Brings 59 Million to U.S., Driving Population Growth and Change Through 2065.
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3AF/Nielsen Webinar: January 9, 2014
The Asian Consumer: Significant, Sophisticated and Savvy

The 3AF collaborated with Nielsen on a webinar featuring Nielsen’s eagerly anticipated research report, "The Asian American Consumer: Significant, Sophisticated and Savvy." Nielsen's report covers what Asian Americans are buying, what they are watching on television, how family values influence and impact buying decisions and more. Betty Lo, Vice President of Public Affairs for Nielsen, was the featured speaker.  Registered users only can access the recording. If you would like access, please contact Genny Hom-Franzen, 3AF Executive Director, at

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AAMR Report by Phoenix Multicultural.

  • Quantitative Insights
    •1,929 30-minute interviews among Asian Americans, Hispanics, African Americans and Whites nationwide
    •Among the Asian Americans, five major ethnicities were interviewed from in the top Asian American markets
  • Qualitative Insights
    •Select group of Asian Americans in major and emerging Asian American markets were asked to participate in a photo journal project to share their points of view on a wide variety of subjects through writing and images
    •The findings are incorporated into the report and serve as anecdotes supporting primary and secondary research findings.
  • Secondary Research
  • Expert Insights

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Asian Indian Detailed Report from New American Dimensions.

  • New American Dimensions and interTrendCommunications undertook research to gain an in-depth understanding of First Generation Asian Indians in the U.S. in terms of:
    •Relocation patterns
    •Values and self-identity
    •Lifestyle and preferred activities
    •Shopping habits and store and brand-selection criteria
    •Financial planning
    •Technology and media use
  • Asian Indians in the U.S. are becoming increasingly attractive to marketers, due to their rising population and purchasing power and other appealing demographics
    •According to recent U.S. Census figures, Asian Indians are now the second most populous Asian-American group (next to Chinese), and growing rapidly.
    •Indians are number one among U.S. Asians, and far ahead of the nation overall, on college graduation, professional/managerial employment, and annual household income.

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