Case Studies

Datawrkz is a 6-year old advertising technology firm with offices across the US, Singapore, and India. Their deep relationships with South Asian and South-East Asian publishers combined with proprietary technology to drive high viewability, high CTR ad units has led to impressive results across multiple North American campaigns. Datawrkz’s experience helping general market US agencies with cutting-edge media buying across programmatic, search, and social channels, has built expertise in planning and campaign execution which is now being deployed in the Multicultural advertising space.

Datawrkz has –

  1. Direct publisher relationships across Indian, South Asia, South East Asia, and China leading to “always-on” inventory that can be tapped at any time
  2. Proprietary ad units for banner and video that lead to high viewability and high CTR
  3. Proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) that provides full transparency to websites, a real-time reporting module, proprietary Datawrkz audience pools, and one place to buy both programmatic and Datawrkz proprietary impressions in addition to a powerful targeting engine that matches up with the industry’s best