3AF 2019 Asian Marketing Summit


May 22-23


InterContinental hotel, downtown Los Angeles

Event Details:

The 3AF celebrated its 20th anniversary at this year’s summit.  Kicking off the conference and setting the stage was a panel of 3AF founders who talked candidly about the past, the present and the future.  The summit also included our first-ever media fair, held immediately prior to the opening night reception. It was a great opportunity for media exhibitors to meet first hand with attendees and marketers and show how they can be a conduit to Asian consumers.  Summit topics included Asians in Canada; the 3AF’s Media Consumption Study results; the power of Asian media; how the changing American landscape has demanded better Asian representation, changing media consumption habits of Asian customers and the global media landscape, how Asian American programming led the digital over the air broadcasting revolution, taking Asian American marketing to the next level, how to resonate with the next generation of cultural influencers, brand implications for Asian Americans and Asia, how to effectively reach young Asian American millennials and Gen Zs, around the world in location based entertainment, the U.S. 2020 Census and more.

3AF Honors the Past; Celebrates the Present and Looks Towards the Future at the 3AF 2019 Asian Marketing Summit

Event Photos: