Attendee Steps for Logging into the Virtual Event Platform (Attendify)

Option 1: Use the Attendify Virtual Event link via your desktop

1) Open this virtual event Link:

(Please be sure to use the latest version of the following browsers for the best user experience: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Safari.) Do not go to Disable adblockers, firewalls and VPNs.

2) Create a profile using the email you used to register for the event. Note: If you have joined an Attendify event in the past, you will need to use the same log in credentials. If needed, you can click on “forgot password” and reset it.


Option 2: Use the Attendify app

1) Download the Attendify app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

2) Open the app and sign up/log in by tapping the corresponding button at the top or bottom of the page. To create a profile, we recommend using the email address you used to register for the event: 

Find your event in the Attendify app: Enter the full name of the event in the search bar and tap on its icon when you find it. If you were provided a QR code, scan it with the built-in QR reader by tapping on the QR code icon within the search bar and the app will find your event automatically. 

3) Join the event and you’re in!


If you need additional info:

Attendify Attendee Guide Using Your Desktop (link)

Attendify App User Guide Using Mobile Device or Tablet (link)

If you still can’t get in, contact Sandra Winn at