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1394 interviews were conducted in early 2019, among them, 1181 were conducted among Asian Americans (Asian Indian 200, Chinese 232, Filipino 224, Korean 198, Vietnamese 171, other Asian 154), 213 were conducted among Caucasian, Hispanic and African American consumers. 884 interviews were sourced online while 510 interviews were conducted via intercepts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Data is weighted based on 2017 American Community Survey U.S. and foreign born ratio for Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese (Asian only). Report contains analysis of Asians and non-Asians, comparison between Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese and U.S. born vs. foreign born where appropriate.

Data tabs contains break-downs by ethnicity, Asian nationality, gender, age, nativity, ethnicity + nativity, Asian nationality + nativity, market/geography, marital status, education, household income, nativity + length of U.S. residency, and interview language.