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Key Themes

The media landscape is continuing to shift for U.S. Asians—as the migration from traditional mediums continues to lose ground to growing online platforms such as online TV, online radio, online press and social media.

Despite the increasingly shifting media landscape, U.S. Asians continue to be hybrid media consumers of both in-language/in-culture sources, as well as mainstream English-language sources. However, Asian Media suffers from some lower levels of trust and advertising recall compared to mainstream English-language media.

Some form of television (traditional vs online, TV screens vs. mobile/computer devices) continues to be the most utilized form of video content among U.S. Asians.  While the device/screen may be shifting, the programming continues to be the same (drama, movies, news, etc.).

Although in-language communications continue to be viable approach for reaching U.S. Asians, cultural-relevance and representation matters for a large segment of the audience as well.

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