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About The Research

To help marketers and media understand the U.S. Asian consumer opportunity, the Asian American Advertising Federation has been studying the growth of the U.S. Asian population for nearly two decades. We created the first Asian American Media Consumption Study in 2016 and are excited to release a study for 2019. Asians are recognized as the fastest-growing multicultural segment in America, driven largely by new immigration. In fact, the Pew Research Center projects that the U.S. Asian population will grow to be 14% of the total population by 2065, based on U.S. Census data.

While the majority of growth in the U.S. is coming from new immigration, the buying power of U.S.-born Asians is simultaneously on the rise. This is significant and worth exploring. First-generation Asians represent new potential and can be reached by specialized media, while broader media mix can reach later generations. So, how does our fast-changing media landscape - with the proliferation of media channels and technologies that deliver ever-more-personalized content - contribute to these consumption decisions?

To understand how to address these opportunities that are changing, the 3AF commissioned the 2nd Asian American media consumption study. We want to help marketers understand how cultural and linguistic factors of Asian Americans drive their media consumption choices. We believe that the market needs a continuous, in-depth analysis of the diverse and sub-segmented Asian society—instead of seeing Asian Americans as a single monolithic group.

By breaking down the demographics, we begin to understand the influence of language and culture, subsequently filling critical information gaps and trends. This improves how advertisers reach different Asian American consumer groups and motivates them to action.

Ultimately, our goal at 3AF is to provide powerful and insightful Asian American consumer knowledge to assist your marketing planning process year after year. We encourage you to also consider the expertise of our members for additional support and best practices.

Jay Kim, President, Asian American Advertising Federation
Iris Yim, Research Committee Chair, Asian American Advertising Federation