Speaker Interviews

Benny Luo

Benny Luo, founder of online publication Next Shark.com, talks about the founding of the online publication and how to create digital content appealing to Asian American consumers.

Brendan Snyder

Brendan Snyder, Multicultural Consultant at Google, talks about insights on multicultural consumers from Google and YouTube data and how strong consumer demand for multicultural content translates into multicultural marketing opportunities for marketers.

Cortney Charleston

Cortney Charleston, Client Manager for Multicultural Growth & Strategy at The Nielsen Company, talks about the importance of the Asian American market for business growth and the do’s and don’ts for Asian American marketing.

Daniel Ichinose

Daniel Ichinose, Director of the Demographic Research Project (DRP) at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, talks about the importance of data for the AAPI community and important demographic trends of this population including growth in established and emerging markets and social-economic diversity within the community.

Daphne Kwok

Daphne Kwok, VP of multicultural leadership at AARP, talks about why AAPI is an important community for AARP to engage, key outreach projects she is working on and AARP’s partnership with the 3AF in AAPI engagement.

Gilbert Dávila

Gilbert Dávila, co-founder of Alliance of Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), talks about the rationale behind the founding of AIMM, the current state of the debate on total market and the progress the organization has made since its founding.

Karthick Ramakrishnan

Karthick Ramakrishnan, Associate Dean, School of Public Policy, UC Riverside, talks about the role of data and the importance of it for the Asian American community and key insights from projects such as AAPI Data and National Asian American Survey.

TDW+Co founder Tim Wang

TDW+Co founder Tim Wang talks about Asian American community’s reactions to the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and the opportunities the movie presents in marketing to the nation’s fastest growing consumer segment.